Helene is a female farmer from Burkina Faso grows vegetables in the dry season through using simple irrigation techniques. By selling the crops she has earned enough money to send her children to school.

Helene, a female farmer from Burkina Faso, grows vegetables in the dry season through using simple irrigation techniques. By selling the crops she has earned enough money to send her children to school. Credit: P. Casier (CGIAR).

Addressing the challenge of food insecurity and undernutrition is a primary focus of governments and the international community.  However, programs and policies intended to improve food security often overlook the importance of secure land and natural resource rights to achieving that goal.  

Below are resources that provide an introduction to food security issues, describe the linkages between land rights, agricultural productivity and food security, provide data-based evidence of these links, and explain why improving women’s tenure security can have a disproportionately positive impact on household food security.

General Food & Nutrition Security Frameworks

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Food & Nutrition Security, Agriculture Productivity & Land

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Women's Land Rights & Food Security

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Country Studies

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