MEDIA ANNOUNCEMENT and Focus on Land in Africa Announce Partnership to Raise Awareness of Land Rights

26 JANUARY 2015 - Focus on Land in Africa (FOLA – today announces a partnership with ( to share news and analysis about land and natural resource rights in Africa.  Issues of land rights and tenure are crucial to economic and social development in Africa.  Yet there has been a serious information gap regarding land issues in Africa.  The partnership between AllAfrica and FOLA will help to bridge that gap. is the world’s leading on-line aggregator of news about Africa, reaching tens of millions of people every month.  Focus on Land in Africa is a leading on-line educational platform about land rights in Africa, developed by Landesa and the World Resources Institute.  A range of original FOLA content provides insights into the ever-changing landscape of land rights policy and practice in Africa, and its impact on issues such as agriculture, nutrition, women, the environment, and urban growth.  

The partnership between AllAfrica and FOLA is expected to make land rights issues more broadly accessible and relevant to policy makers, development practitioners, the business community, and civil society more broadly.

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